Letter to myself

Dear Praagna,

I am anxious, I am tired, and I’m mentally exhausted.

I’m stuck in this labyrinth of routine and I can’t seem to spiral back from it.

It’s horrible. I almost feel like I’m drowning;

it’s such an odd feeling, especially when you’re waiting to be saved.

When will I ever learn that one needs to be one’s own hero?

Maybe one day, I’ll actually start believing what I pretend to be.

One day, I’ll break free from this routine. I’m hoping here-

I’m sitting here all by myself,

and thinking what we’ll be in 20 years.

I may be defeated, I may have a shiny runny nose,

I’m may have shaky voice now, but tomorrow,

when the world is still,

I’ll rise again,

to march on against time.

I will rise again and this time, I will not fall.


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