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30 days of me challenge: DAY 2

Story behind my blog name:

I’m naturally a chatty person and I can hold a conversation with literally anyone. I have an opinion to express about literally everything I’ve ever known. 

Growing up in a country like India, I’ve come across some of the most disgusting and regressive events, and most often I’d find myself with nobody to express my thoughts with. Hence, the name ‘shutuppraagna’. Praagna is my name and I’ve been told to shut up way too many times. That’s my story, what’s yours? 



Hi, I'm just another brown Science student infatuated with everything art and Literature. I alternate between a Four year old and a 28 year old philosophy graduate, I also rant about makeup, lifestyle, travel, movies & books// write to me- snap -praagna// IG-shutuppraagna.

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