30 days of me challenge: DAY 5


My short term goals:


These obviously differ from my long term goals but as long as I’m accomplishing these, I’m on the road to my long term goals.


1) To work on my academics- This sounds stupid, but it’s extremely necessary that I do, because I’m a science student. The competition to getting into a good engineering school is unimaginable. Almost 1.5 million people compete for 10,000 seats. You have to put in tremendous effort in order to get into a good university.


2) To work out- I used to be fit when I was younger, but lately I’ve not had the time to hit the gym or even go for a run. I want to be healthy and fit.


3) To take things as they come- This is something I’ve stressed about before, I over-analyse and overlook the silver lining. I’ve realized that I need to let things go because most often the things we hold on to cause us more pain then letting it go.


4) To socialize- I have always been slightly fastidious with the kind of people I hang out with, but lately I’ve realized that it is very important to know all kinds of people- those who follow a different religion, or whose first language isn’t the same as yours, or whose goals aren’t identical to yours; that’s how you grow.


5) To use my time productively- I’m the queen of procrastination, which means I only work well under deadline, otherwise there is no work done. I’ve come to the understanding that this method of working is a hindrance to my getting into a good college. I need to utilize every day to the maximum; although I’m not there yet.


6) To take a break- I need at least an hour to myself, or else all hell will break lose when I get frustrated and irritated. With such a busy schedule, I take a lot of ‘break’ days just to laze around, read a book, and watch a movie, write, or go out with my friends. This is absolutely necessary to keep me from going insane.


7) To stop worrying- Even if you’ve known me for a short period of time, you’ll be familiar with the way I talk and the words I constantly use. Whenever something upsets me or bothers me and I can’t control it, I get really flustered but I always try to let it go. “It won’t matter when I’m 38” is something you’ll hear me say quite often. I decided a while ago not to worry about things, people, or events that won’t affect me in the long run; or when I’m 38 and settled down in life.


8) To allow myself to be happy- I read this post somewhere which said “Happiness is a choice that sometimes requires effort”. I tend to get carried away with my emotions. Although tumblr makes sadness seem cute, it’s not. There’s nothing poetic about perpetual melancholy. The world needs more happy characters- the ones that live with an optimistic and zealous disposition.


These are my short term goals. What are yours?


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