30 days of me challenge: DAY 6

Write a letter to someone who hurt you recently.


Dear XYZ,


I didn’t want to write a letter to you because I didn’t want you to think that I had given you enough power to hurt me, but I’ve come to the realization that I did open up to you and you did hurt me and leave cold and unattended to. After everything that I ever did for you, all you ever gave me are broken promises and faded memories.


I’m not a bitter person and I’ll never be one, but hearing your name makes me flinch. No one has ever frustrated me as much as you have; no one has ever made me feel as pathetic as you have. You left me wondering why I was never enough for you to stay on.


I will remember you as a mistake, forever – a mistake that taught me to love myself. You caused me a lot of pain, distress and guilt; moreover, you left me directionless. Your departure from my life was abrupt, cold and disastrous. I promise you, forgetting me is not going to be easy for you. You will look for me in all those size two girls you lay your eyes on. You will regret knowing me because I’m the best you could ever get. Losing me will be chaotic. I hope you get lost in your own labyrinth of self-proclaimed misery, because I will break free from the clasps of your existence and move on to better people.


I don’t hate you; after all, you aren’t worth hating. If anything, you made feel alive. Even for a brief moment, you made me feel needed; you made me feel invincible, but slowly invisible. You are immature; you will grow up and realize that your insecurities are what made you cold.


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