30 days of me challenge: DAY 7 

3 biggest pet peeves:

If you’ve been friends with me at any point in your life, you’ll know that I’m a difficult person to please. I don’t get carried away by the appearances and you need to really have a strong personality to leave a lasting impression on me. Three of my biggest pet peeves are :

1) When they’re pretentious – I hate pretentious people, and nothing pisses me off more than someone pretending to be someone they’re not. I love it when one is undeniably oneself. Nothing is hotter than confidence.

2) When they’re mean or bitter – It’s healthy and normal to sometimes lose your cool, but they’re some people who’re always mean and bitter, they just give out such bad vibes that it’s almost impossible for me to hold a conversation with them. If I’ve learnt anything in life, it is to always surround oneself with optimism because in a world full of evil, it’s hard to remain happy.

3) People with no ambition –  I’m not a judgmental person and I respect everyone’s right to live on their own terms, but there are people who don’t care about life at all. They have no ambition and have no drive to create. All they care about is getting high and partying.

What are your biggest pet peeves?



1 thought on “30 days of me challenge: DAY 7 

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