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Top Favorites: Perfume Edition

I’am starting a new weekly series on my blog called ‘Top favourites’ as the name suggests I’ll be listing out all my favourites from Movies to lipsticks. This week, I am talking about my favourite Perfumes. Growing up, My cousin sister and my mother were obssesed with Perfumes, body mists and scents which is why I picked up the janhit of collecting perfumes. These are some of my favourites, let me know your favourites in the comment box below, while I try to pass my Science exams. 

1) ‘One summer’ 2016 edition By Calvin Klein

This one of my top favourites of all time, even though it’s a spring/summer fragrance I wear it all year round. It’s from their ‘2016’ edition of the ‘One summer’ and it was a limited edition, I’m not sure whether they sell these in the stores. From the packaging to design of the bottle, it screams freshness. I absolutely love this smell, it’s smells like a fresh lemon mojito with extra fizz. It’s a unisex perfume with a pop of juicy exotic guava scent.

Worldwide shipping:–1zb4XxURLUz-7khj0byM2TopuSA27-ToM7ZQ0HFBMaAsKM8P8HAQ
2) ‘Modern Muse’ by Estee Lauder.

I’ll be honest, I only bought this because Kendall Jenner endorsed it. I wasn’t sure of this, so I the bought travel edition bottle and I have to say, it smells great. It’s definitely more of a feminine scent infused with a floral touch. If your looking for something chic, fun and sexy. This is it. 

Indian readers-

Worldwide shipping

3) ‘Cool Water’ By Davidoff 

This perfume is a classic piece, I have seen various editions lying in my house for the longest time. If you’re a perfume hoarder, this is an absolute must have. You can use this throughout the year as it’s not season specific or it dosent fit into a bracket. It has a sharp, flowery scent associated but manages to retain a certain freshness to it. I would say it’s a combination of citrus, woody notes and freshness of the ocean.


Indian consumers-


4) ‘tresor’ by Lancôme 

 This was gifted to me and I have been obsessed with this for the longest time. It’s been a best selling perfume and sold across the globe. It was created in the 1990, it’s elegant yet fun.  A fusion of rose, lilac, apricot, mugunt and a splash of peach. It’s smells divine and is perfect for a date, meeting or an outing.



5) ‘Delicious’ By DKNY

This is a bright, fresh and an energetic fragrance. A combination of Bold but charming aesthetics that makes it a perfect summer fragrance.  I’m not sure if the exact version of what I own is available as it was a limited edition. However different editions from the same range of it are available online



So these are my favourites at the moment, let me know yours.



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Best of Kendall Jenner 

Alexander Vauthier, Haute Couture’17

Bottega Veneta, Milan Fashion Week

Vogue US, March 2017 editorial.

Vogue US, March 2017 editorial.

Vogue Germany, october 2016.

La Perla, NWFW’17

Vogue US, January 2017.

Atelier Versace, FW’16

Allure Magazine,October 2016

Micheal kors, FW’16

Eli Saab, PFW’16.

Marc Jacobs, FW’16

Kendall’s editorial for Love Magazine.

Vogue Japan, October 2016.

Vogue Spanish, October 2016.

These are some of favourite works of Kendall Jenner, there’s a lot more but this has to be her best work so far. Let me know your favorite looks in the comments.

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January Favourites 

My friend recommended I do this because I’m always talking about buying new crap that I don’t need. 

These are the things I’ve been loving throughout January and I have linked the site you can purchase below.

1) Swarzkopf Glis Ultimate Repair Shampoo : 

  I recently had my hair colored and I was looking for a better damage control Shampoo when I found this online, The ‘Gliss’ range is probably the most affordable shampoo range in their entire collection and it works great on my hair and the results are almost instantaneous.
2) “The Colossal liner” from Maybelline. 

 I have used this product throughout December and January. It’s a stick pen type of an eyeliner and it lasts almost an entire day at college. I use eyeliner on a daily basis to conceal my droopy, tired eyes and I wasn’t a fan of Maybelline’s colossal Kohl Kajal but I absolutely love their eyeliner and it’s easy on the pocket. 
3) ‘Flat out Fabulous’ By MAC

This is the part of their Retro Range and I love the color, it’s a dull Magenta looking pink (I’m just as worse as a color blind man at this , sorry) It looks great on almost all Indian skin tone and It’s a Matte lipstick, which is my favorite type of lipstick. Mac lipsticks are extremely pigmented so you have to moisturize your lip before applying the lipstick.
4) ‘Norweign Wood’ By Haruki Marakumi

This is the only book I have read of Marakumi but after reading this, I definitely will try to read all of his books. He’s the kind of writer whose books have more depth than a terrific  plotline, they’re simple stories about love, lust, friendship and responsibilities. I wouldn’t recommend this book to everyone because you need to be a certain type of person to appreciate his style of writing. 

5) Favorite TV serial- American Crime Story: OJ Simpson Vs The people of California. 

I was reading about the trial on Wikipedia and I was so intrigued by the case that I decided to binge watch the entire series in a single day. I am not a crime show buff but this has got to be the best non-fictional crime series, the accuracy of the trial and the manipulation from the defence to save, O.J Simpson from what was called the “Trial of the century” is what intrigued me towards it. This is a must watch.

6) “One day at  a time” ( A Netflix Original) 

 I absolutely love this show, it’s funny, warm and relatable. The series revolve around a newly single Army veteran and her Cuban- American family as they navigate the ups and downs of life.

Let me know your favourites of the month on the comments.

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30 days of me challenge : Day 11

My favourite TV shows of all time:

There are several TV shows that I have loved and re-watched many times. It’s only lately that I haven’t been watching a lot of TV, but there was a time when I used to binge-watch one season a day. My all-time favourites definitely include a lot of varied genres from light Comedies to Crime.

1) How I Met Your Mother

Anybody who knows me will know how much of a die-hard fan I am of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. I have watched all the 218 episodes at least twice, if not more. It’s one of those shows that have an absolute legend-wait for it-dary sense of wit. It also has a heart-warming storyline revolving around five friends. I love this show and that’s why it’s at the very top of my list.

No of seasons: 9

2) Modern Family 

‘Modern Family’ is probably the only show which has been consistently funny. A lot of other comedy series start off with humorous content but as the seasons proceed and they build a wider fan base, the charm fizzles out. ‘Modern Family’ is the only existing show that continues to be funny even after completing 8 seasons. I’ve been following this for years and from the storyline to the warmth the show provides, it’s an absolute delight to watch.

Status: On-going

3) Friends

   I don’t think I need to elaborate on this. It’s the greatest show ever made. Period. Although, I prefer ‘How I Met Your Mother’ everyone around me are die-hard friends fan.

No. Of seasons: 10

These are my all-time favourite shows that I usually tend to go back to. Let me know what your favourites are!

I do watch many more shows; some of them are worth mentioning:

1) Baby Daddy 

2) Pretty Little Liars

3) Gossip Girl 

4) Last Man Standing

5) American Crime Story 

6) One Tree Hill

7) Grey’s Anatomy

8) 2 Broke Girls

9) Shark Tank

10) MasterChef

11) Keeping up with the Kardashians

12) Beverly Hills: 90210

13) The Big Bang Theory

14) Awkward 

15) House 



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30 days of me challenge :Day 10

Top 5 places I wish to visit:

Most human beings, in general, seek to travel. It can be for various purposes- to educate oneself, for work, for adventure, for visiting family, or simply to relax and take a break from your daily rut. I am not one of those people who enjoy travelling alone and go on exotic adventures. I travel because I’m an Art and History lover and because I love food from across the globe and I associate these things with travelling.

Here’s my list of five places I really want to visit.

1) Rajasthan, India

Being an Indian, I’ve grown up reading a lot of Indian History and Rajasthan is the epitome of medieval Indian culture and it resonates with the richness of Rajput rulers and the legacy they left behind. If you’re in India or planning to visit India, you should definitely drop by in Rajasthan. This is India at its vibrant best.

In case you’re planning to visit, I’ve linked an article below to read more.
2) Rome, Italy

I’ve already mentioned I’m a huge History Nerd and Italy is by far the most artistically satisfying places I’ve ever visited. I’ve already been to Italy but I want to go back again, From the crooked Renaissance streets all the way to the Vatican, it’s a plethora of great food, art and picturesque landscapes. Then, of course, it houses two of the world’s 7 greatest wonders of the world.
3) Switzerland, Europe

If chocolates aren’t a reason to visit Switzerland, it’s the blue lakes, green pastures and snow-capped mountain ranges to ski, skate and sledge. It’s beautiful at every angle.

4) Greece, Europe

At this point, you may have realised by my obsession with  Europe. Greece, all though bankrupt is a land of islands. If you’re looking for inspiration, the birthplace of Western Civilisation, Greece is it. It draws you into its epic intellectual History as well as the beauty and charm of the Country bounded by Islands.

5) Japan

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Plum rains and technology are all synonyms with Japan. It’s a place where ancient traditions are infused with modern culture and not to mention it’s world class urban planning aesthetic. It would be an absolute delight to visit Japan.

These are my top 5 places to visit. Comment and tell me what yours are.