30 days of me challenge :Day 10

Top 5 places I wish to visit:

Most human beings, in general, seek to travel. It can be for various purposes- to educate oneself, for work, for adventure, for visiting family, or simply to relax and take a break from your daily rut. I am not one of those people who enjoy travelling alone and go on exotic adventures. I travel because I’m an Art and History lover and because I love food from across the globe and I associate these things with travelling.

Here’s my list of five places I really want to visit.

1) Rajasthan, India

Being an Indian, I’ve grown up reading a lot of Indian History and Rajasthan is the epitome of medieval Indian culture and it resonates with the richness of Rajput rulers and the legacy they left behind. If you’re in India or planning to visit India, you should definitely drop by in Rajasthan. This is India at its vibrant best.

In case you’re planning to visit, I’ve linked an article below to read more.

2) Rome, Italy

I’ve already mentioned I’m a huge History Nerd and Italy is by far the most artistically satisfying places I’ve ever visited. I’ve already been to Italy but I want to go back again, From the crooked Renaissance streets all the way to the Vatican, it’s a plethora of great food, art and picturesque landscapes. Then, of course, it houses two of the world’s 7 greatest wonders of the world.

3) Switzerland, Europe

If chocolates aren’t a reason to visit Switzerland, it’s the blue lakes, green pastures and snow-capped mountain ranges to ski, skate and sledge. It’s beautiful at every angle.

4) Greece, Europe

At this point, you may have realised by my obsession with  Europe. Greece, all though bankrupt is a land of islands. If you’re looking for inspiration, the birthplace of Western Civilisation, Greece is it. It draws you into its epic intellectual History as well as the beauty and charm of the Country bounded by Islands.

5) Japan

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Plum rains and technology are all synonyms with Japan. It’s a place where ancient traditions are infused with modern culture and not to mention it’s world class urban planning aesthetic. It would be an absolute delight to visit Japan.

These are my top 5 places to visit. Comment and tell me what yours are.




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