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Top Favorites: Perfume Edition

I’am starting a new weekly series on my blog called ‘Top favourites’ as the name suggests I’ll be listing out all my favourites from Movies to lipsticks. This week, I am talking about my favourite Perfumes. Growing up, My cousin sister and my mother were obssesed with Perfumes, body mists and scents which is why I picked up the janhit of collecting perfumes. These are some of my favourites, let me know your favourites in the comment box below, while I try to pass my Science exams. 

1) ‘One summer’ 2016 edition By Calvin Klein

This one of my top favourites of all time, even though it’s a spring/summer fragrance I wear it all year round. It’s from their ‘2016’ edition of the ‘One summer’ and it was a limited edition, I’m not sure whether they sell these in the stores. From the packaging to design of the bottle, it screams freshness. I absolutely love this smell, it’s smells like a fresh lemon mojito with extra fizz. It’s a unisex perfume with a pop of juicy exotic guava scent.

Worldwide shipping:–1zb4XxURLUz-7khj0byM2TopuSA27-ToM7ZQ0HFBMaAsKM8P8HAQ
2) ‘Modern Muse’ by Estee Lauder.

I’ll be honest, I only bought this because Kendall Jenner endorsed it. I wasn’t sure of this, so I the bought travel edition bottle and I have to say, it smells great. It’s definitely more of a feminine scent infused with a floral touch. If your looking for something chic, fun and sexy. This is it. 

Indian readers-

Worldwide shipping

3) ‘Cool Water’ By Davidoff 

This perfume is a classic piece, I have seen various editions lying in my house for the longest time. If you’re a perfume hoarder, this is an absolute must have. You can use this throughout the year as it’s not season specific or it dosent fit into a bracket. It has a sharp, flowery scent associated but manages to retain a certain freshness to it. I would say it’s a combination of citrus, woody notes and freshness of the ocean.


Indian consumers-


4) ‘tresor’ by Lancôme 

 This was gifted to me and I have been obsessed with this for the longest time. It’s been a best selling perfume and sold across the globe. It was created in the 1990, it’s elegant yet fun.  A fusion of rose, lilac, apricot, mugunt and a splash of peach. It’s smells divine and is perfect for a date, meeting or an outing.



5) ‘Delicious’ By DKNY

This is a bright, fresh and an energetic fragrance. A combination of Bold but charming aesthetics that makes it a perfect summer fragrance.  I’m not sure if the exact version of what I own is available as it was a limited edition. However different editions from the same range of it are available online



So these are my favourites at the moment, let me know yours.





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