My struggle with Acne: Tips and tricks

Hey you lovelies! I am going to be blogging a lot more often than I did because I have holidays for the next three months and I have lot’s of new content coming up this summer, so stay tuned.

I have had acne for a really long time now, it initially started around eighth grade and it got worse with time. When I was around 14-15, I had severe acne and I would even hesitate to go out or show my face. I remember, my family and I were on a New Year’s trip  two years ago and I broke out so bad during that time that I’d literally wear a hat to cover myself. I was so self-conscious for no god damn reason, I was never like this. I was always really comfortable with myself which is why this was harder for me to deal with. I visited a dermatologist last year, he completely helped me clear my skin in a span of three months, I occasionally still break out but never as bad I used too. I’m writing this post to help people out there, I have listed out some tricks, methods and products that worked for my skin but keep in mind that I’m no doctor, these are just some tips that I have picked up over the years.

  • Visit a dermatologist: if you have really bad or severe acne, consult a doctor immediately.
  • DRINK WATER: I have had some health issued that I have been dealing with this past two months and the only advice I consistently got is to drink water, water is the key to good skin and health.
  • Do not ever sleep with Make-up on
  • Eat healthy: Make sure you don’t eat too much of oily or fatty foods and work out regularly.
  • Use an anti-inflammatory gel: My doctor gave me an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial gel to apply as a base twice a day, I have used this religiously and it’s by far the best treatment to acne, it instantly reduces redness, inflammation and spots. I use this sometimes just on top of a pimple or a redness directly. You can get this in your local drug store or a pharmacy.
  • When I get a really giant pimple, I mix benzol peroxide(2.5%)  with a little bit of moisturizer and I apply it directly on to my pimple. It works like magic, I apply it while going to bed and by morning, it would have reduced drastically. however, it is important to mix benzol peroxide with a moisturizer and then apply it otherwise it will leave marks on your face.

I have listed some products below to help fight acne


Indian residents:

2) La Roche-Posay Effaclar duo + Acne treatment cream

3) Kiehl’s Clearly corrective dark spot solution


These were my remedial steps to prevent and cure Acne, let me know your stories and what you use to treat it in the comments.




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