Midnight thoughts: what inspires you?

The only time I get asked this question is when I’m with my closest pals, drunk at four am in my balcony because of how the answer exposes your vulnerability and decodes your true character and at the same time makes you eccentric. The question of having an inspiration comes from an idea or a thought motivated to be pursued, in most cases people are clueless about it, we’re all driven by various factors to succeed at or pursue something but this in itself is an entity and can completely be void of inspiration. I have seen hundreds of people who work hard and put in effort to achieve their goals they have set for themselves but they’re all very mechanical, when your goals are driven by momentarily based rewards, the essence of work is lost. It becomes robotic and meaningless, as if all the effort you put in was of no use. An inspiration is an idea, a thought, a driving force or anything that motivates and shakes the entire living being out of you to pursue a task or an event. It’s a maddening experience to be inspired completely and surrender to your work, it’s the most productive days of your life.

I love movies, books and did I mention Movies? I could watch movies all day, some purely for comic relief, some for boredom, some because the whole world is watching and some for inspiration. You know how I know when a movie is a good one? when it leaves an impression on your or challenges your morals and your thoughts.It gives you this weird tingling sensation in your body as if your mind had the orgasm of your life, I cannot explain that feeling, I wish I could trap that feeling into a box and cherish it forever, I watch movies for this feeling, the ability of visually transferring the emotions overcoming cultural and social barriers is what makes cinema so great. Cinema is the my clarity with the world and how it works. I especially love old movies, from the 70s and the 80s, it’s speaks to me in a way none of the other millennial movies can, the romanticism that surrounds the 80’s makes it even more powerful as a medium of art, in its truest form of expressing emotions and it’s ironic how things seem worse now which is maybe why I always am inclined towards the past era, it gives me a glimpse of raw art, the one without graphics or flying characters. Movies make me feel, think and inspire. I have never found something that does all three for me and I don’t think I ever will. The best conversations I have with my friends are about movies because it’s such a subjective topic and everyone has their prefrence, most of them are frivilous but if you find people who appreciate Cinema just as much as you do, those talks can be life changing. When I say cinema, I mean from the direction to the acting to the set design, it’s every little thing that makes a poweful film, the creative collaboration of individual art. I have had hour long conversations explaining why the movie meant somethind to me and understanding the movie from somebody else’s perception, it gives you such a powerful insight to the creator’s idea. God, I love film.




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