What’s in my travel bag 

Hey lovelies, the weekend is just around the corner and I’m taking a little road trip away from the city, so I thought I’d write about what I carry in my bag, let me know what you carry in your handbag and why in the comments below! I have tried to link the wbsites from where you can purchase this, if you wish however most products are generic and is avalaible everywhere.

1) Wet Wipes. I do not go anywhere without wet wipes, I tend to get really sweaty and oily after a few hours so I love using a wetwipe to just cleanse my face off all the dirt and bacteria and keep my skin hydrated.

I use the Neutrogena makeup removal wipes or the Johnson baby wet wipes.

2) Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.

If you don’t use this product, you should start. It’s so handy during winter when your skin is the most dry. I use it on my lips, my elbows, cuticle or anywhere on my skin that feels to dry. I carry this because of its multiple use and it’s extremely affordable and travel friendly.

3) Maybelline Fit Me -Concealor in the shade 20, Sand Sable. I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup when I’m traveling, I just carry a Concealor to dab on under my eyes and on spots. This comes in handy when you have a long flight and you don’t want to wear makeup but still look presentable.

INDIAN SHOPPERS- http://www.nykaa.com/makeup/maybelline-new-york-fit-me-concealer.html?root=catg&ptype=product&bannerparam=banner

4) Studio Fix 2 in 1 foundation powder by MAC-in the shade NC41, I have already spoken about this product in my mini reviews, it’s one of my favourite compressed powder and it’s so convenient when you’re travelling because of its foundation plus powder formula.

5) ‘Pink Chiffon’ twenty four hour moisture Ultra Shea Cream by Bath and Body works’. I love this cream, It smells divine and it is long-lasting in terms of both, it’s scent and moisturizer. It’s non-greasy formula just melts into my skin. I always carry a moisturizer with me because my skin tends to get dry quickly.

6) NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Antwerp, I love the color of this lip cream. It’s a warm orange pink and it complements my skin tone really well. I don’t like to have too much going on, which is why I stick to light and shades of pink and this is the perfect lip cream. It’s not very long lasting but it does the job for a couple of hours.

7) Sunscreen- you have to carry a sunscreen for obvious reasons, I use the Sunmate Spf 30 Gel-Cream by Parsons. I bought this in my local pharmacy and what I love about this product is it’s a gel but after you apply it, it gives you a matte finish so it does not make my skin greasy or oily like the others.

8) JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM Fragrance Mist from ‘Bath and Body works. I wasn’t sure of this, my mother bought it for me from Thailand but I love it now, I take it everywhere with me, it’s has a very fresh approach to floral scents and it isn’t like anything I own.

9) Cindamycin Phosphate Gel- I spoke about my acne in one of my previous posts and this is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial gel that I use regularly on my face and its my holy grail product.

10) Mayebelline Eye studio long lasting drama gel-I have been using this product for ages now,  it was launched a few ago and they discontiued the product but now they’re back. It’s a really dark kohl liner, it comes along with a brush and it is super easy to apply. I use this when I’m travelling because this can be worn both as an eyeliner and as well as on your waterline like a kohl pencil, so you dont have to carry a seperate pencil and an eyeliner.

Indian shoppers– http://www.nykaa.com/maybelline-eye-studio-lasting-drama-gel-eyeliner-black.html?&root=search&searchterm=Maybelline%20Eye%20Studio%20Lasting%20Drama%20Gel%20Eyeliner%20-%20Black&type=product&ptype=product

11) Clean and CLEAR face wash- I have been using this since I was in school, it works great for acne prone skin like mine and it is an extremely affordable option for a face wash. 

12) A book- I make sure I’m always carrying a book when I travel, I’m currently reading Catch-22  by Joseph Heller.

Let me know what you carry in your bag, down below in the comments!




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