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Hi guys, I’m back with my ‘Watch with me’ Series and today’s post is all about Netflix originals, I have already mentioned in my previous blog posts that I am not the biggest fan of Netflix but the their original content is outstanding and I have been watching a lot of Netflix in the past two weeks, which I thought were worth mentioning and for those of you unaware of what ‘watch with me’ is, I basically list out movies/tv serials etc that I have watched and loved.

The Fundamentals of Caring:  Created by Rob Burnett, starring Paul Redd, Jennifer Elhe, Craig Roberts and Selena Gomez in the lead. I stumbled upon this on Netflix and it had a solid 5 stars on its review and instantly made me watch this. The movie touches upon dark human emotions like guilt, loss, anguish and conceals the depth of these emotions with dark humour. The movie essentially is about a boy, Trevor who has paralysiscm and his caregiver, Ben who is a damaged retired writer looking for a new job and the dynamics of their relationship. It’s heart-warming, witty and effortlessly funny.

Rating- 4/5 stars             


ONE DAY AT A TIME:  Am I the only one who sings the hymn “One Day at a time, sweet jesus” every time I see or hear the phrase, 12 years of convent education has rubbed on me anyway this a Netflix original series and it’s absoluetely one of the best shows I have watched in a while, it has every element for a great family show, it’s a remake of Norman Lear’s classic 1975 sitcom revolves around a Cuban-American family headed by a recently separated military mother who’s navigating a new single life while raising two children with the ‘help’ of her own mother and a building manager named Schneider. It’s highlights real-life issues of homophobia, racism and various other aspects of an Immigrant’s life with warmth, humour and love. I binged watched the whole series in 2 days because it’s that good.

Ratings- 4.5/5



Aziz Ansari’s Master of None is a post-racial dating and relationship sitcom about millennials. Like the better dating sitcoms of the past, the series still manages to capture the anxieties of dating, of new relationships, and of settling down, only it successfully brings in texting and social media into the mix naturally and without calling attention to itself. It also explores intimacy without resorting to gender stereotypes or relationship clichés and to be honest at times, I was slightly bored but It’s new, and unique, and most of all, it is kind. It’s a good series about genuinely good people, and the chemistry between Ansari’s character and his love interest (Noel Wells) is electric. It’s not laugh-out-loud funny and some scenes were poorly executed humour but Master of None is funny in its observations, clever in its writing and honest in the depiction of its characters. The story picks up as the show proceeds and forces you to come back for another episode and they’re coming back for a season 2 realizing this April, so stay tuned.

Ratings- 3/5 



Jenji Kohan’s knack for social commentary mixed with humor is perfect for a prison story. Orange Is the New Black is as funny as Weeds in its early years.  The diverse, engaging ensemble cast is chock-full of fan favorites, and while Orange is the New Black traffics in stereotypes, it also challenges and complicates them. The acting is superb, the writing is brilliant, and the storylines are addictive. More importantly, it forces us to root for people who make poor decisions and appreciate the fact that we all make poor decisions because we’re human. The series will make viewers laugh and think, and every once in a while, it will break viewers’ hearts. It is a smart show, but most of all, it is good, in every sense of the word.




House of cards: 

House of cards was a game changer for Netlfix, it put Netflix on the road map to Emmy awards and it’s the longest running show on Netflix.It’s a drama about a ruthless congressman and his equally ambitious wife who navigate the corridors of power in Washington, D.C. I just finished season 1 and I am obssesed with it. It’s well acted on fronts and engrossing in all of the right ways, House of Cards Season 1 brings a dark, twisted and addicting character piece to life with confident direction and a great visual style, pretty much every character is detestable and slimey as you can possibly imagine but House of Cards is a darkly evolving, superbly written and complex political drama, with bits of dark comedy gold and a scary look at what goes on int the white house. Every actor is at the top of their game here but some episodes tend to get a bit repetitive on their formula.



These are my top picks from Netflix Original Series, there’s a long list of things that I should yet watch and I will be back with more reviews and favourites. Let me know, what I should watch next and you’re favourites in the Comments.

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2 thoughts on “Watch with Me: Netflix Originals

  1. Orange Is the New Black is so good. I’m currently catching up on the last season they put out. I’m so behind! lol

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    1. I feel you, I’m behind on so many shows hence I couldn’t mention them

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