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Amazon Prime Vs Netflix

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry for not being extremely active. I’ve been very busy these past couple of weeks and it’ll only get worse. I recently signed up for an Amazon Prime membership. I have been using Netflix for quite a while now, so I thought I’ll talk about it in detail.

Before I actually start, I want you all to know that the content on each is curated for each different country and I live in India, so whatever I talk about applies only to the users of India.



One of the best things about Netflix is their Original content, which is some of the best shows and probably better than shows on TV. Netflix India has a very limited library; almost nothing compared to their USA and Canada distribution which is why I was not a fan of it. They only have the really popular shows or movies but then again, they haven’t acquired license for a lot of shows and some of the shows only a limited number of seasons are available but they’re also pretty young compared to the US, they only launched in India, in June or July year and they have grown their collection since then but I would rather watch it online.


Amazon Prime is slightly different from how Netflix works because it has shopping benefits as well as digital content. In terms of shopping, you get one-day or two-day free delivery on most items and you get first acess to Amazon lightening deals and offers and then you have unlimited streaming of video which includes TV shows, movies etc. I love Amazon Prime’s collection, they  are still new and they are constantly expanding it but so far, I prefer their content over Netflix because it has a lot more shows and movies, if you’re somebody who watches a lot of Hindi movies like I do, this one is for you they have some of my favourite movies and I prefer Hindi movies to English anyday which is why I tend to use Prime more, their english collection is not that great, Netflix defintely has better content but Amazon offers standup specials of 14 Indian comedians and if I’m being honest I only signed up for it because of it and I have loved every one of their specials.


NETFLIX: Netflix has 3 plans and is the most expensive medium for digital content.

Netflix in India comes with three different subscription plans – Basic, Standard and Premium. The Basic subscription plan starts at Rs 500 and comes with no support for HD or Ultra HD video streaming. It will let you watch unlimited movies and TV shows of your choice, but limits simultaneous screens to just one.The Standard subscription is chargeable at Rs 650 a month, which in addition to the Basic plan gives you HD viewing and the ability to watch on two screens. So the plan allows you to share your subscription with one family member or friend who can stream on Netflix simultaneously without paying extra.Netflix Premium account will set you back Rs 800 per month and will give you access to Ultra HD content, and allow up to three other family members and friends to stream content at the same time, which is a total of four screens simultaneously.

On the other hand Amazon Prime Video subscription has a flat out fee of Rs 499 per annum, and is part of the Amazon Prime membership for the e-commerce giant in India. This comes up to around Rs 42 a month. The Amazon Prime membership rates are expected to go up to Rs 999 annually, which will come down to Rs 83 a month – still a fraction of what you pay for Netflix.You need to remember that with Amazon Prime subscription, you also get guaranteed free one-day, two-day and standard shipping, while also giving you 30-minute early access to lightning deals on Amazon India website. You and your family members can watch Prime Video on three different screens simultaneously with a single membership.Best bit is Amazon Prime Video content is available in HD and Ultra HD to all Prime users using the service.


I have already spoken about the lack of Mass content on Netflix India although they do offer shows like NARCOS, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, HOUSE OF CARDS, THE GOOD WIFE etc and they also have a lot of documentaries, there’s this documentary series called ‘Abstract’ which is based on design and the industry that is based on it, which I loved and there’s also AMERICAN CRIME STORY, the infamous OJ trial and some mainstream movies that are always playing on ROMEDY NOW but I feel like it’s too early to get the most of Netflix offers since it doesn’t have a lot of shows that I watch, if you’re somebody who loves original content and you would prefer watching everything a click away, Netflix is for you. It’s easy access to your favourite shows and it;s available on both IOS and ANDRIOD just like Amazon Prime but I prefer AMAZON PRIME because it’s way cheaper, more the benefits and  it caters to the Indian market better than Netflix.

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Excerts from a book I won’t write 

When I was going through a brief insomniac phase, my grandmother had told me to count backwards, from 100 to 1, and that by the time I would have gotten to 1, I’d fall asleep. And I always did. But this one specific night, I couldn’t and it was the night she was taken into surgery. I was drained and exhausted, both physically and mentally, but I could not get my body to rest. My grandmother’s old tricks had started to give up one me just like her health had on her and eventually, her odd counting habits consumed her vital signs which continually descended and finally stopped at 1.

I have inherited my father’s identical memory but that comes with a contingency which is that it is limited to random thoughts and events that have no significance in my recurring day-to-day life. I wanted to find a meaning of this; of why the only advice she ever chose to give me was on how to fall asleep. The night I was asked to see her for the last time before they declared the time of death, I counted from 100 to 1, hoping my mind would be clear of all thoughts and it would turn out to be a terrible dream but it did not. In hindsight, when I think about it, she passed on her resilience and her ability to detach from the world to me with her counting habits in a way she did not realise.

Just like the numbers, I too am fleeting from time, descending by each breath and whenever I’m in an unlikely situation, I count backwards and instantly my brain reciprocates by finding a way to get out of it. Only after years of doing it involuntarily, I learnt that it was my grandmother’s form of escapism from the reality, and at that point, I had no idea about the depth it held. The counting has taught me more than it should; it’s a constant reminder that I’m an infinitesimally small being in this huge galaxy and my problems are smaller than me. It has made more immune to the pain around me without desensitising me and maybe it is an over-analysis and a desperate measure to hold on to something of her that I can influence in my life but it makes sense in my head. The words she said that night with a disdain smile, I will hold them with me ignorantly.

It is probably the most selfish thing to wish to find purpose in somebody’s death but human beings are the most selfish people, they suffer silently and vehemently and ultimately leave but the responsibility of the weight of their pain is passed on to their kith and kin. I want the satisfaction of being influenced upon, so I can pass it on and hope my grand-daughter finds some depth in my foolish words whispered at midnight.