Products I regret buying

hello, everyone I hope you are all having a great weekend. I wanted to talk about some of the products that did not work for me and were a complete waste of money. If you have had similar experiences with these products, let me know in the comments below.

1) L’oreal True Match foundation

So, I bought this over a year ago because I had heard so many people talk about this foundation and I paid almost 1,000rs for this product. To begin with, the foundation is slightly light for me and it is really difficult to blend in, it gives a very light coverage and when I tried to build it up, it gave me a cakey finish but probably the biggest reason for me to dislike this product is it made my skin breakout really bad. I would not recommend this to anyone. 

2) Purifying Spot concealer by Kaya Skin Clinic. 

I have been breaking out a lot lately and I tried a lot of products during that time and this was something I always wanted to try, I have tried their cleanser and toner from their anti-acne range and I love both of them and I have repurchased both, several times so naturally I had high expectations about this and I was so uttrerly disappointed. The concealer is a liquid based tonic that you have to apply directly on your acne using an absorbing applicator ,which in my mind was very unhyegynic and this did not work at all for me, my sports didn’t reduce nor did they get better. It is quite pricey as it details for about 800Rs but I got it on sale from

3) Ultra lip cream from Makeup Revolution

I bought this about 2 months ago in their reddish-pink shade, I absolutely loved the shade but it has one of the worst packaging, the cap case off the lipcream fell off within a few days and the product was not long lasting at all, its a complete waste of money. 

Let me know your worst purchases in the comments below 


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