Hello, everyone. Hope you’re all doing well, I’m so sorry for being inactive and I was supposed to do a Korean Skincare haul but I already started using them, so I am going to talk you through my quick skin care routine using Korean  products.

My mother was in South Korea last month and she bought home a ton of products and I wanted to incorporate them in my skincare routine because Koreans are known for their skincare and beauty products and I wanted to experience it myself.

Before I started using these products, my skin was going through a hard time, I was breaking out a lot and I had a lot of marks, I could not control the breakout with my regular products and it was just getting worse day by day but it’s been more than a month now and my face is clearer than before and brighter.

So, I start off by using the Rice water bright cleansing form from the FACE SHOP, so most of the products are from Face Shop and after trying their products I’m in love with the brand, I completely switched my skincare routine, this is by the best face wash I have used, it’s a cleansing as well as brightning foaming cleanser, it has a creamy texture made of mild rice water and other natural ingredient. It cleans your face without drying it out and skin looks fresh . The cream formula lathers easily and is not harsh for sensitive skin, As for the Brightening factor you do see the difference in about a week if you use it with the cleansing water from the same range but don’t expect the difference to be dramatic . If your looking for a mild cleanser which does its job well this is the product to go for.

I finish it off with the Clean Face Mild Toner from the Face shop, I used to never bother with a toner but now I’m taking care of my skin better and I absolutely love this, it again feels very light on my skin like rest of their products and it works great if you have large pores, they tighten them and helps you prevent breakouts and helps firm your skin.

Once a week or more, I use the sheet masks, now these are amazing, I love sheet masks and my mother bought a ton of them so depending on your skin type and skin concerns you can pick your sheet masks, they instantly brighten my skin.

So, now about where to buy them, In India, you can get them online at http://www.nykaa.com/the-face-shop-brandstore?intcmp=brand_menu|new|the-face-shop

So this was about my quick skincare routine, let me know yours in the comments and your take on Korean Skincare.



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