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A letter to a friend

My letters to you are one you must never read,

It’s impulsive, jarred and sincere,

yet could never justify your sensibilities.

you are a person so far beyond description,

that I can never write about you,

even though I want to scream it  out loud,

I could never articulate what is it about you,

I do not trust my words and letters,

they are conflicting, like your feelings,

but I want to write about you,

your dark past, your soft unspoken voice

that trembles at the thought of my attention,

but it will never be a satisfying descriptive of you,

your simplicity is a complication for I cannot comprehend it,

my letters for you are the ones you must never read,

because I write too much about you.




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Study with me: Tips and tricks

Hello everyone, today I thought about blogging about how I study or go about it. This is definitely a self-learning process for me and I would love to know if this helps you.

Just to brief you all, I have college and I come back home around 4 pm, so I start studying around 5.30 -6.00 after I drink my tea, of course.

Use a planner:

I cannot stress upon this, it’s really important to use a planner. The first thing I do is make a list of all the things I’m going to be studying, for this I use an inexpensive pocket notebook where I write down what I study everyday. Using my planner , I make monthly or weekly study goals so you know how much you have to study before an exam and it keeps you more organized.

I’m going to be studying Chemistry today. I usually prefer using more than 1 book, I always have a couple of books so that depending on my understanding capabilities I use the preferred books, this really works for me.

Use a highlighter, Pencil to highlight an important points, formulae. I consequently try to condense the chapter into flash or que cards

If you’re always on your phone and constantly getting distracted then use this app called study helper, it’s amazing. You enter the numbers of hours you plan to study and it locks your phone until you reach your limit.

Download the app here-

I’d like to recommend this App to you. STUDY HELPER: The Essential MUST HAVE App for Students and Office Workers The only app that disables push notifications while calculating your studying time.

Paste all your formulae, important theorems on your study wall to help you memorise them

Organize your workspace, this will help you study more.

Keep some healthy snacks, water on your desk so you can have something to much on, I always keep sone nuts, water and hand cream! I hate dry skin and it bothers me a lot when my hands are dry.

This is my study routine, it’s pretty simple and basic. Let me know yours in the comments below.


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How to be More Productive:

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to pen together a list of things I have discovered for a positive and productive day over the course of time and they have been really helpful for me.


This one is pretty obvious but if you start your day early, you will have a longer day thereby getting more work done, For ex: The days I wake up around 7 am, I get a lot more work done than days where I wake up around 10.30-11.

choose tea over coffee:

I’ve never been a huge coffee-drinker, I have always preferred tea and my whole house ( including my maid and cook ) drink tea, it’s just a healthier option.

Make lists/ use a planner:

I don’t know how people get work done without making lists or time table, it doesn’t have to be fancy and bright, a piece of paper would serve the purpose. I highly recommend this because it helps you stay organized and gives you a clear idea on what you have to do.


It’s extremely important to be physically active, especially when you have a stressful weak and you want to unwind, I usually go for a run or hit the gym but you could do whatever you like.

Clean your room/desk/workspace:

This is really important because the cleaner your desk is, the more prone you are to getting work done. De-cluttering can also be a great stress-buster and by the end of i you will have a pretty room!

That’s it for my post today, let me know what are your methods or mantras to have a productive day!

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Around Mid-March this year I was diagnosed with GERD( Gastro-esophageal reflux disease) or commonly called acid reflux and I did get an endoscopy, my doctor said it was drug-induced since I had been taking antibiotics and my eating habits were questionable. It’s basically a lifestyle disease or a condition and it’s quite common


So I felt nauseated for a long time and I would feel queasy and irritated, I had frequent heart burns and severe headaches, my sister( who is a medical student) suggested I had acidity so which is when I went to the doctor. I also put on 3 kgs and felt bloated throughout.

Treatment and Recovery:

The main cause of my acidity was because  of my unhealthy food habits, I ate out a lot and I’m Indian which means I eat a lot of spicy food and my doctor also felt it was stress induced since I’m in my final year and things can get crazy.  I was on a pill for almost 6 weeks and after I went off the pill, I was alright but if I have to be consistent since it is a lifestyle disease. Even though, it’s not a fatal condition, it does cause hindrance to your day-to-day routine and you always feel tired and bloated which is why I made a conscious effort to eat healthy.

What not to eat:

There isn’t a lot of restrictions and you can can consume all of this once you’re off the pill and depending on how your body responds you can go back to the way you used to, it’s only a matter of time but when you are undergoing treatment or you feel queasy, follow this:

  • CHOCOLATE: I cannot stress this enough, chocolates are the worst for GERD sufferers.
  • COFFEE/TEA- 1 or 2 cups when you’re done with your treatment should be enough.
  • SPICY FOOD: it makes your symptoms worst

Other than the foods mentioned above you can pretty much eat anything else, if you are suffering from Gerd or acidity, it’s not the end of the world. EAT CLEAN and you shall be fine.