How to be More Productive:

Hello everyone, Today I wanted to pen together a list of things I have discovered for a positive and productive day over the course of time and they have been really helpful for me.


This one is pretty obvious but if you start your day early, you will have a longer day thereby getting more work done, For ex: The days I wake up around 7 am, I get a lot more work done than days where I wake up around 10.30-11.

choose tea over coffee:

I’ve never been a huge coffee-drinker, I have always preferred tea and my whole house ( including my maid and cook ) drink tea, it’s just a healthier option.

Make lists/ use a planner:

I don’t know how people get work done without making lists or time table, it doesn’t have to be fancy and bright, a piece of paper would serve the purpose. I highly recommend this because it helps you stay organized and gives you a clear idea on what you have to do.


It’s extremely important to be physically active, especially when you have a stressful weak and you want to unwind, I usually go for a run or hit the gym but you could do whatever you like.

Clean your room/desk/workspace:

This is really important because the cleaner your desk is, the more prone you are to getting work done. De-cluttering can also be a great stress-buster and by the end of i you will have a pretty room!

That’s it for my post today, let me know what are your methods or mantras to have a productive day!

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2 thoughts on “How to be More Productive:

  1. Give up coffee??? No! 🙂 (OK, really, I know I must cut down, though…)

    Lately my key to productivity has been to try really hard to be mindful of how I’m spending my time. The traps I can fall in to are often about ‘going down a rabbit hole’ of searches or reading when I should be being productive and often just catching myself will be enough to allow me to focus on what I need to.

    A really helpful thing for me is also to ask “Will future-me be glad about this?” To me this is better than the more negative “Hey, you shouldn’t be doing this.” or “This isn’t good.” It’s really easy to quantify: If I’m slacking, most of the time the answer is “no, he won’t” and somehow remembering that I’m setting up my future self for disappointment is great for reminding me what I need to do. Of course one doesn’t always need to be productive and we all need our breaks and so being honest with myself “Yeah, he’ll be glad I took this break.” is a perfectly valid answer…

    Thanks for the reminders also: cleaning my desk is something I often need to do (and that often means my computer desktop as well). And as someone who works from home, it’s really important to remember to go outside.

    Thanks for the entry!

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  2. I really prefer tea over coffee and thanks for expressing your thoughts. Hope you have a lot of productive days !


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