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Kendall Jenner, Bella hadid maybe amongst the many  celebtities pioneering the  lingerie as outerwear trend, it’s something that I have been seeing more and more recently and it’s definitely one of those trends, that is chic yet sexy. 

I have put together a few looks using polyvore app, I feel like Lace bralletes or sheer tops should be based paired with a denim skirt, satin pants, ripped jeans or even culottes. I love this statement denim skirt from Gucci, it’s simple yet colourful. 

Black embroidered Lace top- Alexander McQueen.

Embroidered denim stain mini  skirt – Gucci

Beige Lace bustier- La Perla

High wasted pastel patent trousers – top shop

Sunglasses- Chloe Carlina round glasses

Mellow world crossbody bag blue bag-
Small beige shoulder bag – hm

Beige ankle strappy  slip-on –

Floral heels- Charlotte Olympia Tropicana silk sandals

With the advent of athlesure being Incorporated into daily fashion, there’s a consequent shift from high street fashion to more bold, flattering, feminine looks and this is where lingerie as outerwear fits right in. 

Black mesh dress with body suit – hm

Red tassel earrings- Oscar de la renta

Red shoulder bag- Gucci

Burgundy strappy heels-

Adidas superstars –

Cut off denim shorts- Re/Done

Lace bra over white tee- boohoo

The question arises how much is too much and till how much can we push it? Lace bralletes, sheer slip dresses, mesh skirts are all a staple of this trend but it has to be styled in a manner and sometimes, it may not workout and you may end up looking completely trash and vulgar but it’s worth a try. 
Let me know if you love this trend or hate it in the comments below.




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REVIEW: THE BIO OIL for stretch marks, scars and dry skin

If there’s one skincare product that has been on everybody’s shelf for the past one year, it has to be BIO OIL, I have heard so many great things about it and wanted to try it out for the longest time, so I have extremely dry skin and it’s gotten worse over time and almost all the body lotions were too mild or would immediately make me sweat like a pig( I have hyperoxia, which is a condition where your palms get sweaty for no absolute reason) I was in my local makeup store and my mother suggested I pick this up for my extreme dry skin so I did and this was my experience with it:

Product description:

According to the company  “Bio Oil is a specialist skincare product formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its unique formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, is also highly effective for aging and dehydrated skin. PurCellin Oil reduces the thickness of the Bio-Oil formulation and makes it easily absorbed” and the shelf life of this product is 36 months which in my opinion is a long time.


The actual bottle of Bio-Oil is placed inside a white carton and accompanied by an instruction manual (it even has diagrams demonstrating the application of the product. The bottle is simple, it contains a pinkish hue to it giving it some pop but it’s simple and in my opinion it serves the purpose of selling it self.

My view:

As, I mentioned I have severly dehydrated skin but once I started using it, my skin feels much better, after I bathe I use the oil on my body like a regular moisturizer, it has a light consistency so it easily goes deep into skin cells. It is non-greasy which is very important for me because otherwise I start sweating. The most unusual thing I noticed about Bio-Oil is that it has a pinkish-orange tone, which turns completely transparent as soon as it comes outside the bottle. There is a very mild fragrance, which reminds me of herbal beauty products. No matter how dry your skin is, 2-3 drops of the product is enough to hydrate your skin, it also fights aging, scars and stretch marks.  I absloutely love this product, it’s resolved my issue of dry skin and the days I forget to use this, my skin feels a lot worse, unevenly dehyrdrated and coarse.


450rs for 60ml( I suggest you buy the smaller one and test it out but since you need to use very little of the product, this should be fine)

The benefits and uses of Bio Oil Body Oil:

  • It comes in a sturdy and convenient plastic bottle packaging with a screw-on white cap and a hole to dispense the oil. Travel-friendly, does not leak at all.
  • it has a very light, runny texture, thin consistency- not at all sticky or greasy- sinks into skin instantly.
  • Skin looks plump and radiant instantly without looking/feeling oil unlike using coconut or olive oil.
  • It worked amazingly on my stubborn dark circles since neither my sleep hours nor my diet underwent a change during its use.
  • It also improved my skin and faded my acne spots mildly.

The cons of Bio Oil Skincare Specialist Oil:

  • Might be heavy for oilies like me in summer.

Would I recommend?

100 percent, this is my holy grail product. If you have scars, acne, dehydrated skin or you’re pregnant, this is a must buy because it is proven to work. Apply it twice a day for 3 months and you will see the results.

 Rating- 4.9/5.

Let me know if this was helpful or your experience with Bio oil in the comments below



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Hello everyone, I’m really sorry for not being active on here, I’ve been extremely busy these past two weeks but I will have a post out every week from now on.

Today, I thought I’ll share some of the products that I use and love which is easily available and affordable for anyone trying out makeup because I have been there and it’s really important to pick the right products because an intensive beauty routine is expensive and you don’t want to spend money on products that suck and all of the products mentioned below will help you get that No Makeup Makeup look so that you can master the whole trying not too hard look

1) Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream:

I have already spoken about this cream and it’s one of the best face moisturizers I have used, whether or not you use makeup, this is a must have and I have been using this since the fourth or fifth grade. If you aren’t sure how to start applying your makeup or you want an alternative for a primer, this works fine for all skin types especially for those who have dry skin. You can ask for it in any of the drugstore or the pharmacy store near your house.

2) FOUNDATION- Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation

Fit Me Matte + Poreless from Maybelline New York goes beyond skin tone matching to fit the unique texture issues of normal to oily skin for the ultimate natural skin fit.While some foundations can exaggerate pores and oily skin, this gives a very natural subtle matte look, it gives medium coverage in terms of skin correction but it is easily build-able and extremely easy on the pocket which makes it suitable for a beginner.



If you have a lot of spots or uneven skin tone, then you probably need a concealer to get that flawless look, I use it on my spots and under my eyes after applying my foundation, the L.A GIRL PRO CONCEAL HD is one of the best drugstore concealer I have used, they have a huge range of colors for different skin tones and colored products to conceal reddness, spots etc. It is suitable for all skin types and it includes a small brush for easy application.



If you aren’t a huge fan of foundation, you can skip it and just use the concealor and a really good compressed powder to even out your skin tone and accentuate your features. I love the Rimmel compact because it is very light on my skin, For the price, you have to shell out for this. It’s definitely a steal, the only problem is the availability of the correct shade for Indian skin tones. It gives a matte finish as the name suggests so you can use this to set your makeup and the best thing about this is it does not crease at all and it is extremely cheap.



I usually just use this for my waterline but sometimes I use it as an eyeliner too and it gives a great finish, it is waterproof and smudge proof and it lasts me a whole day. This is the second release of their colossal range kohl and this one is darker and smoother but there isn’t really that massive change in both these products they are almost the same.



For anyone who wants to start their makeup collection, this palette is a must, it leans towards  more neutral shades with warm undertones but you can create a wide range of looks with this.The Blush Nudes Palette is a range of 12 rose gold-infused shades, designed to create looks with hues of sensuous rose, tempting taupe and provocative plums, the palette enables you to either chose a matte or shimmer look for your eyes which is why this is my favourite, it is not extremely pigmented but it is build-able and it is worth the price.


7) Mascara- Maybelline Volume Express Hyper curl

I don’t use a lot of Mascara because I have naturally long lashes but a lot of people prefer this over any other eye product and the Volume Express Mascara is definitely the best Mascara I have used, It has a  smooth formula for this price range. It clumps a bit on second layer application but otherwise it’s a great product with brush designed for curled lashes. The brush design also helps to brush out each and every lash hair neatly.


8) LIP BALM- Maybelline baby lips

I know most of my products mentioned are from Maybelline because it is one of the best drugstore makeup brand, hands down and you need to use a lip balm whether you wear makeup or don’t, their entire range is pretty cool, they are available in  fresh poppy colors and are really moisturizing and give you a subtle glow.

BUY IT HERE-|top_picks|maybelline-baby-lips-for-all-occasions

So, these were my basic essentials for anyone getting into makeup, let me know what are yours in the comment section below.



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Amazon Prime Vs Netflix

Hello, everyone. I’m sorry for not being extremely active. I’ve been very busy these past couple of weeks and it’ll only get worse. I recently signed up for an Amazon Prime membership. I have been using Netflix for quite a while now, so I thought I’ll talk about it in detail.

Before I actually start, I want you all to know that the content on each is curated for each different country and I live in India, so whatever I talk about applies only to the users of India.



One of the best things about Netflix is their Original content, which is some of the best shows and probably better than shows on TV. Netflix India has a very limited library; almost nothing compared to their USA and Canada distribution which is why I was not a fan of it. They only have the really popular shows or movies but then again, they haven’t acquired license for a lot of shows and some of the shows only a limited number of seasons are available but they’re also pretty young compared to the US, they only launched in India, in June or July year and they have grown their collection since then but I would rather watch it online.


Amazon Prime is slightly different from how Netflix works because it has shopping benefits as well as digital content. In terms of shopping, you get one-day or two-day free delivery on most items and you get first acess to Amazon lightening deals and offers and then you have unlimited streaming of video which includes TV shows, movies etc. I love Amazon Prime’s collection, they  are still new and they are constantly expanding it but so far, I prefer their content over Netflix because it has a lot more shows and movies, if you’re somebody who watches a lot of Hindi movies like I do, this one is for you they have some of my favourite movies and I prefer Hindi movies to English anyday which is why I tend to use Prime more, their english collection is not that great, Netflix defintely has better content but Amazon offers standup specials of 14 Indian comedians and if I’m being honest I only signed up for it because of it and I have loved every one of their specials.


NETFLIX: Netflix has 3 plans and is the most expensive medium for digital content.

Netflix in India comes with three different subscription plans – Basic, Standard and Premium. The Basic subscription plan starts at Rs 500 and comes with no support for HD or Ultra HD video streaming. It will let you watch unlimited movies and TV shows of your choice, but limits simultaneous screens to just one.The Standard subscription is chargeable at Rs 650 a month, which in addition to the Basic plan gives you HD viewing and the ability to watch on two screens. So the plan allows you to share your subscription with one family member or friend who can stream on Netflix simultaneously without paying extra.Netflix Premium account will set you back Rs 800 per month and will give you access to Ultra HD content, and allow up to three other family members and friends to stream content at the same time, which is a total of four screens simultaneously.

On the other hand Amazon Prime Video subscription has a flat out fee of Rs 499 per annum, and is part of the Amazon Prime membership for the e-commerce giant in India. This comes up to around Rs 42 a month. The Amazon Prime membership rates are expected to go up to Rs 999 annually, which will come down to Rs 83 a month – still a fraction of what you pay for Netflix.You need to remember that with Amazon Prime subscription, you also get guaranteed free one-day, two-day and standard shipping, while also giving you 30-minute early access to lightning deals on Amazon India website. You and your family members can watch Prime Video on three different screens simultaneously with a single membership.Best bit is Amazon Prime Video content is available in HD and Ultra HD to all Prime users using the service.


I have already spoken about the lack of Mass content on Netflix India although they do offer shows like NARCOS, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, HOUSE OF CARDS, THE GOOD WIFE etc and they also have a lot of documentaries, there’s this documentary series called ‘Abstract’ which is based on design and the industry that is based on it, which I loved and there’s also AMERICAN CRIME STORY, the infamous OJ trial and some mainstream movies that are always playing on ROMEDY NOW but I feel like it’s too early to get the most of Netflix offers since it doesn’t have a lot of shows that I watch, if you’re somebody who loves original content and you would prefer watching everything a click away, Netflix is for you. It’s easy access to your favourite shows and it;s available on both IOS and ANDRIOD just like Amazon Prime but I prefer AMAZON PRIME because it’s way cheaper, more the benefits and  it caters to the Indian market better than Netflix.

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Excerts from a book I won’t write 

When I was going through a brief insomniac phase, my grandmother had told me to count backwards, from 100 to 1, and that by the time I would have gotten to 1, I’d fall asleep. And I always did. But this one specific night, I couldn’t and it was the night she was taken into surgery. I was drained and exhausted, both physically and mentally, but I could not get my body to rest. My grandmother’s old tricks had started to give up one me just like her health had on her and eventually, her odd counting habits consumed her vital signs which continually descended and finally stopped at 1.

I have inherited my father’s identical memory but that comes with a contingency which is that it is limited to random thoughts and events that have no significance in my recurring day-to-day life. I wanted to find a meaning of this; of why the only advice she ever chose to give me was on how to fall asleep. The night I was asked to see her for the last time before they declared the time of death, I counted from 100 to 1, hoping my mind would be clear of all thoughts and it would turn out to be a terrible dream but it did not. In hindsight, when I think about it, she passed on her resilience and her ability to detach from the world to me with her counting habits in a way she did not realise.

Just like the numbers, I too am fleeting from time, descending by each breath and whenever I’m in an unlikely situation, I count backwards and instantly my brain reciprocates by finding a way to get out of it. Only after years of doing it involuntarily, I learnt that it was my grandmother’s form of escapism from the reality, and at that point, I had no idea about the depth it held. The counting has taught me more than it should; it’s a constant reminder that I’m an infinitesimally small being in this huge galaxy and my problems are smaller than me. It has made more immune to the pain around me without desensitising me and maybe it is an over-analysis and a desperate measure to hold on to something of her that I can influence in my life but it makes sense in my head. The words she said that night with a disdain smile, I will hold them with me ignorantly.

It is probably the most selfish thing to wish to find purpose in somebody’s death but human beings are the most selfish people, they suffer silently and vehemently and ultimately leave but the responsibility of the weight of their pain is passed on to their kith and kin. I want the satisfaction of being influenced upon, so I can pass it on and hope my grand-daughter finds some depth in my foolish words whispered at midnight.

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March Favourites

Hello, It’s time for my monthly favourites! March has been so slow paced for me and it feels like it’s going on forever but since we’re heading towards the end, I thought I’ll list out everything I have been using and loving this month, let me know your monthly favourites or your blog links on the comments, I’d love to read them.

1)  L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique Bold:

I ran out of Maybelline Collosol Kohl liner, so I bought this instead and it’s so much better than the Maybelline Kohl liner, I have used their L’Oreal Paris Magique kohl pencil but this is their new edition to the range, I absolutely love both the liners but this is definetely darker and smoother, especially if you’re using it on your waterline. I have already mentioned I love eyeliners and kohl’s, this is probably my favourite liner.


2) Handmade Paper Journal:

My sister took a trip to Rajasthan recently and she bought me a cute little leather journal with handmade paper from there because I write and I just thought it’s thoughtful and it absolutely love it.
3) Maybelline Fit me Concealer- I have been using this throughout March and It’s really light weight and does not feel cakey or heavy on your face. It’s a mild conceale and it gives medium coverage but you can build it as per as your makeup look, I am in the shade Medium Beige Sand 20, it does not work great on red marks but it does a good job with undereye bags. It also comes with an applicator, so you can directly apply to your face but I do not recommend that.

4) ‘Hello Beautiful’  Shea & Vitamin E body lotion By bath & body works 

I’ve been using this a lot lately because my skin tends to get a bit dry and this has a really subtle fragrance but it’s still lasts all day and keeps my skin hydrated. It’s non-greasy formula makes absorption quicker and leaves my skin soft and smooth. 

Shop it here-

5)” Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” 

I found this on Netflix and I binged watched the entire two seasons in a week. It is created by Tina Fey and at times it gets repetitive, frivolous and extremely boring but the unique storyline and the rawness of the characters makes it authentic and likable. 


6) ‘Catch 22’ by Joseph Keller.

I recently just found this on my bookshelf and I hadn’t read it for some reason but I absolutely love it. You have to re-read a couple of times to really feel the book but it’s one of the best books I’ve read.

These were my favourites of January, let me know what’s yours in the comments.



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Guest writer: “Inconsistent thoughts”

Some thoughts or images overwhelm me constantly. These feelings which bloom, in the depths of my ragged soul cannot be put into words at that moment. Simultaneously, my emotions are ambiguous. I become tiny in my mind, a speck in the world of endless possibilities or a waste of opportunities. I wander to a far away peace in my head. The sanctuary of mine where I am accompanied by only my failures and regrets. This gets me thinking about how human beings are such beautiful creatures capable of creating magic through art, words and creativity. 

When I get trapped in my imagination, I feel like I’m restless. I want to be in so many places at the same time and yet, I make no move to make that possible. Procrastination is the demon that sits on my right shoulder while dreams are the angels on my left. Maybe that’s why I don’t lose hope. Negative vibes are inevitable and it’s easy to talk the walk but when given an opportunity, insecurities surface. I see geniuses around me and all I want to do is to see them at work. The confidence and knowledge that oozes out through them gives me pleasure. This is what everyone should live for. The passion. The life. The joy. Nothing else is significant. 

Nevertheless, my mind baffles me. It amazes me to even comprehend the fact that my mind can think about so many contradicting thoughts at once but that’s the beauty of it all. The worst part of it all is that I can’t express what goes in my head because words do it no justice. Words are meaningless when compared to these goosebumps inducing feelings. 

To see people who are superficial, makes me want to shake them and pour some sense into them but at the same time, I do nothing because as selfish as it sounds, I like enjoying the magnificence of the world through my own eyes without any corruption from others’ opinions. I feel like I’m a different person inside my physical body and for sure, no one I meet in my life will meet this person. I hate what I am outside. Too rash. Too rude. Too inconsiderate. But circumstances make people what they are. 

I wait for the time I can say that I’m a grown up without petty problems, yet, I want to be a carefree child with silly worries. I dread the responsibilities the future holds,I dread the future itself.

Written by my friend, Reshma Ram//

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Cook with me: Vegetable Samosa

Hi, guys! I hope all of you are having a great week, I have been extremely busy this week and I thought for today’s blog post, I’ll share with you the recipe of Samosa, it’s one of my favourite Indian snacks and I love making it just as much as I love eating it.  I love Indian food more than anything in the world, it’s so easy yet flavourful.


This is a two part process, first is making the dough after which we have to prepare the stuffing for the Samosa.


Flour( maida)    –        1 cup

Carom seeds( optional) – 1/2 tspn

Ghee/oil             –         3 tblspn

salt                     –          as per as taste

For stuffing:

Shelled green peas    – 1/2 cup

Oil                                – 2 tblspn + for frying

Cumin seeds             – 1tspn.

Chopped ginger       – 1tspn

Chopped green chillies – 1tspn

Potato cubes( 1/2 cm)   – 2 cups

Red chilli powder         – 1tspn

Dry Mango powder     – 1tspn

Garam masala powder  – 1tspn

Chopped Coriander leaves or cilantro – 1tblspn

  Method of Preparation:

  1.  Mix the dough ingredients. Add water slowly, little by little and turn into a hard dough. Keep the dough under a wet cloth for ten to fifteen minutes.
  2. Cook green peas in salted boiling water until it turns soft. Refresh in cold water and drain out excess water.
  3. Heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds to the boiling pan, once it starts to change it’s colour to a darker shade, it starts splattering and that’s when you add chopped ginger, chopped green chilli and diced potatoes. Add red chilli powder, salt, dry mango powder, garam masala and stir well.
  4. Sprinkle water and leave them to cook until potatoes are done. Add shelled green peas and mix well.
  5. Divide the dough into sixteen equal portions and roll them into balls. Apply a little flout and roll them into four inch diamter elonagted diskettes.
  6. Cut into half, apply water on the edges. Shape them into a cone and stuff it with the potato and peas filling, seals the edges and deep fry in a medium hot oil till crisp and golden brown.
  7.  Serve hot with Green chutney or Tomato Ketchup.

    I hope you all enjoyed the recipe, it’s easy and extremely delicious. Let me know, if you liked this recipe in the comments below.


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    A procrastinator’s guide to studying:tips and tricks

    Hi, guys! Hope all of you are having a great weekend, I thought about writing this blog post because over the years, I have picked up some tricks on how to study efficiently and if I can do well, academically anyone can because I’m the most absent-minded person and I hardly paid attention in school which is why I had to put more effort at home. I’m no way an expert, everything I know is because of personal experience of TEDx talks. I have linked some videos and articles along with it, to help you understand the science behind what I’m saying.

    So, if you’re a procrastinator or you just hate studying, this should be useful to you. Let me know, if this works for you and your tricks and tips in the comments below.

    1)  MAKE TO-DO LISTS: 

    This sounds lame and cliche but the first step to get work done is listing out what has to be done, you don’t need to open a fancy planner that has cool stickers, you can write it down a post-it or just anywhere. This helps your brain in getting a clear idea of what you have to do and by putting a deadline to it, your more likely to perform it. It’s also important to set realistic tasks, if it’s your first day back at school after a vacation, or your starting a new subject or anything for that matter, start slow, do not burden yourself with more than 4-5 tasks a day unless you can execute it, once you have set the pace, take it forward and eventually push your boundaries.

    I have linked an article from Forbes Magazine on Five Best TO-DO LIST TIPS -

    2) Offer to tutor: 

    I do not recommend this to everyone but teaching others what you have learnt is a great way to retain as well as well strengthen your concepts, My  explaining it to someone your breaking down the concept into easier bits, which your brain can hold on to and when someone poses a question, you learn from them. It’s a win-win for everyone, I do this all the time with my friends because sometimes a friend explaining the concept of Magnetism is better than the teacher or that YouTube channel that uses big words.

    3) Switch it up:

    Don’t stick to one topic; instead, study a bunch of different material in one sitting. This technique helps prepare us to use the right strategy for finding the solution to a problem. For example, doing a bunch of division problems in a row means every time we approach a problem, we know it’ll require some division. But doing a series of problems that require multiplication, division, or addition means we have to stop and think about which strategy is best. Also, don’t sit the whole day and cram just one subject unless it’s the previous day of you exam. Eg: Do one chapter from Math, then switch to a language or a social science or an elective. Switching up makes you belive you have done a lot more and since you’re constlatly learning new rhings, your mind gets sharper and absorbs better.

    4) Learn what works.

    Some people are early birds, some are night owls; some prefer to study with a pal, others need complete and total silence. There is no right method or a right way to follow, figure out what works best for you and do that. My mother always forced me to study early in the morning then late at night but I cannot study in the morning, I’ll sleep through my alarms.

    5)Work smart, not hard:

    This is so important to understand, especially if you’re in a higher grade or college when you have loads to study but work efficiently. One of my friends, write’s down everything neatly and spends hours in doing that and she studies three of four times the same concept again and again which is not wrong but if you put the same number of hours understanding the concept rather than cramming it up, you will remember better. I study 10 percent of what she does and I’m able to answer the paper better because I understand the concept, this works well if you’re  a science student but when you’re studying arts, social studies and management subjects you have to visualize what you’re studying, only then you can retain it and remember it. I was really good at History, I always scored well in History even though I dropped it, I remember most of  everything I learnt in school because I was so fascinated by it, I used to google the topics in depth and learn more than what was  syllabus required.  Watch YouTube videos, you can get ton of information on any topic in the world through Youtube, I have learnt half of C++  programming through YouTube than from my textbooks.  I love Khan’s academy, whether you’re in highschool or college, you will find everything you need in there.

    6)Make Notes effectively:

    When I say make notes, you do not have to write down everything in the textbook. Use the writing space freely, make pop-ups, use colored highlighter, colored-post its and make up acronyms to remember better.  Write down only the key words, so when you come back to it, you should be able to connect the entire topic with the keyword.

    7) Keep some munchies next to you:

    Always, have snacks while studying and I don’t mean potato chips and oily food, keep something healthy, like some flax seeds, diet-biscuits on high fibre, fruits, almonds, yogurt. Avoid sugar and heavy meals.

    8) Take Study Breaks:

    I  take mini-breaks between subjects, half hour or 15 minute breaks in the middle of your session is not bad for you, it’ll motivate you to finish your studies quicker.


    Not a lot of people know this about me but I have been mediating for a while now and it has made a complete difference in the way I approach anything in life. Mediation helps you build concentration and calms your nerves, you learn faster  and quicker while eliminating frustration from your system. If this is not you thing, play sports preferably that helps build your concentration as well as gives you a recreational break while burning calories.

    These were my tips and tricks that I use everyday to help me study better, let me know yours in the comments.